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Over-advertising, onscreen aggression, outright violence, cultural decay, indecent programmes...

Raising «immunity»!

In a democratic society aspiring to success, television must ensure a viable activity for society. It should only broadcast programmes that are necessary for the citizen's well being. Television needs to be a source of information, including economic, cultural, political, sporting and so on programmes for the benefit of all citizens. Given this significant role, it needs a position that can guarantee its socio-legal rights. Our private TV channels only promote violence. As a result, our private networks have ignored our identity and traditions and compromised our ideals. For they have roughed up the universal nature of the citizen's respect. No educational programmes for our children, no cultural programmes for our teenagers and no intellectual enjoyment for our senior citizens.

Our private channels only listen and broadcast continuously the commercials noises, but they ignore what the traditional programmes were like during ftor, such as song and madih, hawzi or andalusian with Hadj Al Ghafour, Hadj Tahar Fergani, Dali, Al Anka, El Fakhardjia, El Moursiliyya, EL Fen wel Adeb... delighting fasters when fasting is over. We have private channels that suffer from ignorance, nullity and amateurism. Quite simply, we are ashamed of our private networks quality. Not a reflection of our culture. After all, they are merely newcomers in this field. Therefore, and for many other reasons, the society that is slumbering in passive waiting for something to happen, journalists, ethical and professional media and other reformers' representatives must echo the Minister of Communication's voice by saying STOP. Stop Impunity. Stop Tinkering. Let us remove this immunity enjoyed by those little rogue screens' fellows who threatens ourselves and our society's future. 

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