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Bakhouch Allèche, CEO of Air Algérie 

«A premiere in algerian civil aviation history»


On the occasion of the graduation ceremony of RedMed Group's first class of ATS professional pilots, the CEO of the Air Algérie public airline company welcomed this event, described as "a premiere in Algeria's civil aviation sector".

Bakhouche Allèche expressed his best wishes for the school' future success and his optimism regarding the Algerian civil aviation sector's development. Interviewed about this training quality and future opportunities for young graduates, the manager of Air Algérie considered the training quality to be of this standard and added that Air Algérie Company provides its pilots with training abroad. Questioned about the demand for open sky by the major airlines, Bakhouche Allèche ironically remarked: «which opening are we talking about, considering that we have 15 active companies in Algeria ".

Referring to the current media campaign against Air Algérie on social networks, the company's CEO wondered about this campaign's implications, arguing that Air Algérie has never excluded dialogue.  This will be attributed to social networks disregard for ethical and professional norms. 

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