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First Algerian class of graduated professional pilots

Algerian RedMed's Aviation Training School (ATS), had its first graduated class of professional pilots. This promotion's graduation ceremony took place last Saturday at the Abdelatif Rehal International Conference Centre (ICC) of the Pine Club, in the attendance of a group of civil aviation and air transport professionals. ATS Director General Abdelmadjid Fichkeur addressed the meeting, emphasizing that the challenge for his school was to “graduate the first class while maintaining high standards of excellence”.

Aviation training 

school's challenge succeeds

He highlighted "the State institutions' support" in this project. Mr. Fichkeur considers these first professional graduated pilots as "school’s ambassadors", adding that this first class will open up new perspectives, before revealing: "We are not born with success, we create it! ». Following, the master of ceremony declared that "the authorities consider this success a new contribution to the civil aviation sector".  Mr. Fichker gave the attention to the pedagogy director of the school, Mr. Matmar Bachir, who indicated that this result is the result of the pedagogical staff's devotion, such as Salim Djebiane, who is responsible for the theoretical training, and stated that without the support of the RedMed group, ATS would not have been created, and he added that the school' only aim is "to achieve excellence". He was joined by Fethi Zoheir Halaïmia, also a trainer, who said that «value does not depend on number of years ". He added that this school is a way of “providing our country with a well-known and recognized quality institution «in this field, adding that Algerian philosophy is the future of our school».

Afterwards a documentary film was projected to highlight the investments and efforts of the RedMed group, which testify of the 100% Algerian quality of the provided training. In the documentary film, one of the students mentioned that ATS allowed her to realize a childhood dream.  Abdelmadjid Fichkeur would say in this film that he had to go to Jordan to receive this type of training. The school director called it a «personal satisfaction", underlining his passion for the job. One of the ATS trainers said that the school has the most effective educational and training sessions in the world. The school is located in Bab Ezzouar while the training takes place in Algiers, Tiaret and Hassi Messaoud. These three cities were chosen to reflect Algeria's diverse climate due to its large surface area. It is further highlighted that ATS is the first national private investment in civil aviation. Mr. Fickhkeur mentioned that the RedMed Group's policy is built on two pillars: "human resources and training".

Beyond graduation of the seven (07) graduates of the first professional pilot class, the school's director also wanted to honor celebrities who greatly contributed to the school's creation. Mr. Benchemane, a former Director of Civil Aviation attached to the Ministry of Transport stated that "the authorization decision to create the school was one of the easiest to adopt", explaining that the project was so well drawn up and presented that it couldn't be refused.


High-standard training

The training provided within ATS is in accordance with ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) and EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) standards. The students' diplomas are also certified, while the training planning is similar to that of CAE-Oxford, according to Algerian and European regulations. As for opportunities for young graduates, one of the lecturers mentioned that among the pilots trained today, two belong to Tassili Airlines while the rest will probably be employed by RedMed aviation division, Star, and probably by other companies operating in Algeria.

During the animated press conference on the occasion of this major event, the three main ATS training coordinators alternately explained the school’s creation achievements. First, it is pointed out that the school was not the first to train pilots in Algeria, reminding the Algerian military trained their own pilots, just as Air Algérie previously had a training school for its requirements before deciding to send its students abroad for training. One of the trainers explained to Crésus Hebdo, that the training of a pilot at ATS costs half as much as abroad. They also explained that today's new graduates are already co-pilots. To become pilots, they will have to have 1500 hours of flying experience and pass aptitude tests to be certified as pilots. It is also specified that ATS' training quality already prepares young pilots to co-pilot any kind of aircraft. In addition, the three ATS speakers indicated that the training was provided in English and that this first promotion is a RedMed Group contribution to the national and even international civil air transport sector dynamics, marked by increasing air transport needs and therefore airline pilots. It is worth reminding that the access to the open sky, which is not an attitude, requires a struggle to have a market place in this very competitive field.

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