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Algeria, a visionary country, always seeks for new projects, looks for bold initiatives as a unique alternative to environmental speculative tendencies, positive upheavals that spare frustration and ambition are sprouting from time to time. So what does it mean to stand up? "What is a rebel? It’s a man, who says no, but whose refusal does not imply a renunciation. A slave who has received lifetime orders suddenly deems unacceptable a new commandment", proclaimed Camus. To Aimé Cesaire, the author of Negritude, the situation is more rational, in his opinion, revolt is a refusal of an established order, a resistance to reductionism, an opposition to an unreasonable situation, which, for Camus as for Aimé Césaire, is a consequence of ridicule. The rebellion in this context is not about fighting.

Our ancestors have not failed in their bravery to free our country from an indigent era that refuses its true name. They endowed us with an invaluable inheritance of dignity that we constantly cherish, despite viciousness and slyness. Are we totally freed? No! The challenge of training is the true revolt. We must educate ourselves, to be truly free from submission. Madjid Fechekeur, in his speech, high-lighted the absurdity of this situation: " Why should I be trained somewhere else?" he riddled with regret about the absurd situation of Algerian airspace.

Abdelmadjid Fechekeur agrees with Saint Exupéry, a great philosopher, in saying that: "Place no hope in a man who works for his own lifetime and not for his eternity." Training, teaching... means being eternal. Don’t be a slave. Refuse endless queues for a foreign student visa. Algerians do not necessarily fly to Paris or London to be served a piece of Rochefort in a baccarat plate and drink Pinard in a dripping crystal glass. We must learn to shape forever the country's sense of independence and to revenge those who are eager to learn. Business leaders should therefore be committed to this cause. The Fechekeur are an example in the aviation industry. Hassan Khelifati, the CEO of alliance assurance, is also an example. But although, Algeria has provided for the entrepreneurs, there has been no refund! 

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